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Peter Moore climbs the ladder at EA

It's "switching from defense to offense".

Former Sega of America boss and Microsoft VP Peter Moore's stock is rising over at EA, with the publisher announcing today that he's leaving his role as EA Sports president to become the company's chief operating officer.

Also on the move is EA Games president Frank Gibeau who will now preside across all four EA labels: EA Sports, EA Games, EA Play and BioWare.

The restructuring is part of a company-wide shake-up that sees the publisher "switching from defense to offense" after its recent upswing in fortunes.

"This is the first material re-organisation since we established EA's label structure in 2007," commented CEO John Riccitiello.

"Our progress since then has been incredible. We executed against three transformational strategies: (1) Fewer, Better, Bigger, (2) Expanding our digital businesses, and (3) Tighter cost management.

"Our quality has risen dramatically. We've built an $800m+ digital business while pushing down operating costs. Not all of it was easy but looking back, it was exactly the right structure and priorities for the challenges we faced.

"Now, we are switching from defense to offense. We're focusing on building our intellectual properties/franchises into year-round business. We've established our own platform, Origin, and we continue to grow our digital business.

"We are already seeing big returns on our investment in change. That's why this is precisely the right time to update our organisation."