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Peter Molyneux unveils experimental "Curiosity" app

Join others in pecking apart a giant black cube.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Former Lionhead boss and 22 Cans founder Peter Molyneux has just outlined plans for an experimental app called "Curiosity".

Molyneux told Gametrailers' E3 pre-show, er, show that Curiosity would be released on formats including PC and mobiles.

Upon loading the app, players will be confronted by a giant black cube. When they approach the cube, they find they can tap it and start breaking into it.

The cube is formed of thousands upon thousands of smaller cubes, apparently, and the twist is that it's not just you tapping your way into it - it's every other person using the Curiosity app.

A few shots of it flashed up on screen behind Molyneux and presenter Geoff Keighley and it really does look like a giant black cube suspended in white space.

He also said that 22 Cans was aiming to ship a game within three years.

Molyneux has previously said at the end of May that 22 Cans was working on "22 Experiments" and that the first one - presumably Curiosity - would be released within six weeks.

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