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PES 2011 3D a Nintendo 3DS launch title

Out on 25th March.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D will launch alongside the Nintendo 3DS on 25th March, Konami has announced.

The hook this time is of course the 3D visuals. The new Player camera offers an almost over-shoulder view that is designed to allow players to see their team-mates making runs. 3D helps the player "visually ascertain how far away a team mate is, allowing for more instinctive long passes and dynamic movement", Konami said today.

The game features 60 national and 170 club sides. There's full commentary, the UEFA Champions League license and series stalwart the Master League.

There's also wireless play for two Nintendo 3DS owners to play each other. The Street Pass mode will sense when another Master League team is near and compare the strength of the two sides, strategies and stats. A win will then be awarded. The idea here is you progress up the rankings, unlocking classic players and teams as they go.

Johnny Minkley went hands-on for Eurogamer last month. His thoughts: "As it stands, PES 2011 is a gorgeous example of the 3DS hardware and the potential of 3D to be more than just a sexy gimmick."