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Persona composer launches Kickstarter for next game

Guns Undarkness coming next December.

Persona and Shin Megami Tensei composer Shoji Meguro is launching a Kickstarter for his next game.

Called Guns Undarkness, it will be a turn-based tactical RPG with stealth elements inspired by Persona and Metal Gear Solid.

The game was first revealed in November 2021 and marks Meguro's first official post-Atlus project, after his compositional work and serving as creative director on the PSP Persona games.

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Guns Undarkness will be set in a futuristic world on the verge of global and societal ruin. Players will take the role of a member of a PMC (Private Military Company) tasked with operative missions in a world devastated by nuclear war - how very Kojima.

The story will focus on protagonists revolutionising the human race towards true love, according to a press release. It will, accordingly, include a relationship system between the main character and their teammates.

Battles will be turn-based, with characters hiding at cover points before unleashing skills and exploiting enemy weaknesses. Between missions, characters will hang out in the Maroon hub - an amphibious submarine that acts as the team's hideout.

Meguro will of course be providing music for Guns Undarkness, as well as game design.

"Through Kickstarter, I would like to make Guns Undarkness an even better game with the support and early feedback of the fans," said Meguro. "With the help of our backers, I hope to fix the visual problems and brush up on everything, so please lend me your support!"

The Kickstarter will run from 12th September to 15th October with an initial goal of $30,000. If funded, the game will release on PC in December 2023, with stretch goals for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.