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People Can Fly's acclaimed shooter Bulletstorm launches today on Switch

Duking it out.

As we already knew, thanks to word back in March, People Can Fly's celebrated first-person shooter Bulletstorm is making its way to Switch. What we didn't know previously, however, was when that would be - but now we do, and it's out today!

Bulletstorm originally launched to much acclaim back in 2011, and Eurogamer's Christian Donlan was also taken by its puerile charms, calling it "an astonishingly clever game folded up inside an exquisitely stupid one" in his 9/10 review. At first glance, you see, Bulletstorm is a fairly traditional shooter (albeit one that's gaudily cartoonish, relentlessly inventive, and supremely daft), but its secret ingredient comes in the form of the ingenious Skillshot system.

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Essentially, this rewards players with points for offing enemies in creative or surprising (and usually decidedly violent) ways, from kicking them into a cactus to yanking them in two.

The idea is that once you've initiated a special kill using either your boot or leash, things slow to a crawl, enabling you to punt enemies to their doom in a sort of deranged game of ultra-gristly billiards, introducing a wonderfully complementary rhythm to the core shooting action. And its thrills prove even more rewarding in Score Attack mode, where everything comes together in a balletic streak of perfectionism-chasing experimentation.

Bulletstorm launches digitally on Nintendo's eShop in the guise of the Duke of Switch Edition, which stars Duke Nukem in a reworked version of the main campaign - originally a pre-order bonus for the game's 2017 PS4, Xbox One, and PC remaster, and later given a standalone release on other platforms. Bulletstorm on Switch will cost $29.99 USD (around £25).

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