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PC, PS2 not getting NHL 10?

No profit to be had, apparently.

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A report on the Hockey Downloads forum has indicated that NHL 10 will never make it to PS2 or PC, saying that economic pressures are behind the decision.

Veteran user 'Drezz', who has apparently been in touch with Ryan Nicholas at EA, writes in his post that: "I regret to inform all of you that I was notified on Monday that NHL10 will NOT be produced for the PC/PS2.

"As of now, the division in charge of putting out hockey games for those platforms have been reassigned to work on the console versions (Xbox 360 and PS3). Due to economic concerns, the separate PC version wasn't worth putting manpower into - I don't blame them, since the revenue from PC sales wasn't high enough to create a significant profit for the company."

Not perhaps the most biting aspect of the credit crunch, but one that is likely to see literally dozens of people go "oh".

EA was not available for comment at time of writing.

What do you mean, slow news day?

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