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PC gamers will transition to PS3 - NCsoft Europe boss

Explains partnership.

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NCsoft reckons that PC gamers will transition to PS3 in the long term, which helps to explain why the MMO publisher is backing Sony's curvy black slab.

"I think there is a difference between PC and console players but there's overlap as well," NCsoft Europe boss Geoff Heath told our sister site

"Our view long term is that people who have traditionally only played on PC will actually now start transitioning to PS3. Once they figure out what PS3 does, I think that take-up will get greater and greater."

Heath was speaking in the aftermath of NCsoft's recent announcement that it would produce games for PS3 going forward. Asked what those would be, Heath wasn't able to specify, but did say to expect three or four in the first batch.

"Our biggest problem, which is a nice one, is that we've got loads of games - I think we've got something like nine MMOs in development and about 20 free MMOs, the ones you don't pay subscriptions for - so we've got tons of products in development. We can't realistically do all of them for PS3, plus the fact that we've got existing IP," he said.

"So, really our nice problem is to distill down to probably three or four titles, initially, that would do for PS3. We're working with Sony on which ones they are."

He also said that "some of our products would be great for PSP".

For more on NCsoft's partnership with Sony, check out the full Geoff Heath interview on

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