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PAX survey hints at UK event

US gaming festival to cross the pond?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The organiser of the bi-annual US Penny Arcade Expo – or PAX as it's better known - has issued a survey to gauge interest in a UK event.

The questionnaire, spotted by VG247, asks recipients "If we brought PAX to the UK, would you attend?" before canvassing opinion on a possible venue. It lists Earls Court, Excel, "a hotel in London", "other London venue" or "outside London" as potential options.

PAX, which has been running since 2004, incorporates an event in Boston in March and another in Seattle in September. Gearbox used the Seattle event last year to announce it had taken over Duke Nukem Forever, while Deus Ex creator Warren Spector provided the keynote speech.

The survey describes it as follows: "PAX is a gaming festival in the United States for gamers of all genres to come together and celebrate the culture of gaming. Unreleased games, big booths, fabulous prizes, concerts, the gaming community and industry support puts PAX far above any other show on the planet."

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