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Patrick's Parabox drops onto console next week

Crate expectations.

Patrick the box inside a box with boxes in Patrick's Parabox
Image credit: Patrick Traynor

Patrick's Parabox, the indie recursive puzzle game, will launch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 next week on 26th July.

Despite scooping the prize for Excellence in Design at the Independent Games Festival in 2020, the game made a relatively small splash when it first released last year for PC.

Patrick's Parabox is a sokoban mixed with recursion, filled with boxes inside of boxes. You play as Patrick, a small box, and you push around boxes to where they need to go. Sometimes, you push around boxes which contain the puzzle you're actually in, and then you can enter that box. The trailer below probably sums it up better than I could in words.

Patrick's Parabox console launch announcementWatch on YouTube

If you've yet to give Patrick's Parabox a go, there's a free demo available on Steam and I heartily recommend checking it out. Having played it myself, I can attest to its mind-bending puzzles and the satisfaction you feel once the game and its mechanics start to click with you.

Edward Hawkes praised the game for being a "masterclass of simplicity and puzzling challenge" in Eurogamer's Patrick's Parabox review.

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