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Patent points to PSP/PS2 crossing

Or might mean nothing. As per.

A US patent filed by Sony in September 2005 seemingly reveals a docking unit that allows PSP owners to connect a PS2 controller to the handheld, potentially allowing them to control games with dual analogue sticks.

Images of the proposed dock in the patent filing show how the PSP would sit right on top of the pad, hooked on by a sort of central stork. Woo.

It might not amount to anything, mind, but it's fun to speculate. Kotaku, which seems to have uncovered it first, wonders if it might be a feature incorporated into a PS3 Sixaxis redesign or the new, slim PSP due out later this year.

What do you reckon? New pad idea, or about as likely as the flying incorporeal ouija board nonsense we usually hear about?