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Partial Beatles: RB tracklist for E3

"We're gonna tease it," says Harmonix.

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The slow drip-feed of details ahead of the September release of The Beatles: Rock Band looks set to continue, with Harmonix telling us only a partial taster of the tracklist will be unveiled at E3 next month.

Asked when concrete details were going to be announced, studio rep Alex Navarro, speaking at a recent EA event to show off Rock Band Unplugged on PSP, said: "You're looking at E3. It's not going to be the full tracklist that we announce, but we'll have some info at that point. We're gonna tease it a little bit."

Asked to confirm rumours of three-part vocal harmony support, and whether the game would utilise the remastered Beatles catalogue releasing on the same day, Navarro clammed: "Can't talk about that right now!"

The incomparable Macca revealed the first footage from the game during his recent Coachella show in the US.

The game's out on PS3, 360 and Wii on 9th September - set to be the most cripplingly expensive day in history for Beatles fans - with the limited edition bundle set to retail for £179.99 alongside the band's digitally remastered back catalogue. Buy everything - Paul needs your money.

The full interview with Navarro on Rock Band Unplugged is over on Eurogamer TV.

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