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Paradox grabs Majesty

Plans RTS remake.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Publisher Paradox has snaffled up the rights to empire-building simulation Majesty.

Its plan is to work with original developer Cyberlore Studios to revitalise the series for today's market. Platforms and dates are yet to be mentioned, although a PC version is a safe bet.

Majesty was a fantasy-kingdom building simulation released in 2000 for PC - it received decent reviews and spawned an expansion pack later in life. The aim of the game was to build up your empire by erecting stuff, a bit like Civilization, while also controlling various Heroes who defended your creation from attacking monsters.

It's a mix that fits perfectly with Paradox's outlook, and apparently that's a recipe for success.

"Majesty was a groundbreaking game when it was released and a breath of fresh air in the RTS-genre," said Theodore Bergqvist, big chief at Paradox. "Our vision is to build upon the strengths of the brand and capitalize on those core elements that have kept fans rating Majesty as one of the best games ever released."

You can try out Majesty for yourself on the GamersGate site, although it will cost you EUR 9.99 to do so. At which point I suppose it's not really "trying", is it? You'll also find a bit more information on the game there, as well as a helping of screenshots.

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