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Paprium is a new Mega Drive game four years in the making

Streets of Rage meets 60fps.

Every week we see new games come out for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and now the Nintendo Switch, among many modern platforms. Well, this autumn a new game for the Mega Drive, a console 27 years old, will come out, too.

Paprium, due out 16th September 2017, is a new Mega Drive game four years in the making, and it channels 16-bit beat 'em up classics such as Streets of Rage 2 and Final Fight 2.

Paprium is from WaterMelon Games, a small collective that has form when it comes to making new Mega Drive games (it released Pier Solar on the Mega Drive seven years ago). Paprium is described as a "postapocalyptic, outrageous, street brawler". Check out the suitably retro trailer, below.

Cover image for YouTube videoPAPRIUM - RULE, BE RULED, OR DIE!

Here's the official blurb:

Expect 24 levels, five playable characters, co-op for up to two players and plenty of game modes.

Here's a cool detail: each edition of the game includes the original 80-MEG game cartridge, a full colour instruction manual and a box. Remember those?

Paprium works with both PAL and NTSC original Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis systems. The game itself is region-lock free.