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Pangya Wii gets Euro date

A little birdie told us.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Pangya! Golf With Style - known to U and SA as Super Swing Golf - is due out on 8th June, Nintendo announced this morning.

As you'll know if you've read the abovelinked review, Pangya is an adaptation of a fantasy golf MMO called Albatross18, which explains the "rather extreme" presentation. Just check out the screenshots.

Featuring 11 excellent courses, it's another golf game that aims to use the Wiimote as a golf club, and while we found it takes "quite some getting used to", we decided it worked pretty well in the end. Well, Keza did. But we did feel it had its drawbacks, and they ultimately conspired to rob it of some points.

In one of the Wii's most rapidly growing sub-genres though - already home to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, while Wii Sports offers everyone an alternative - it's worth a look. As is our Super Swing Golf Wii import review.

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