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Iranian artist's painterly point-and-click Lona: Realm of Colors reaches its Kickstarter goal

The art life.

With its exquisite art style point-and-click adventure Lona: Realm of Colors is one of the most eye-catching titles on the horizon, and now it's reached its Kickstarter goal of $25,172.

The esoteric game highlights the art of Iranian illustrator and singer Taraneh Karimi, whose work the game revolves around. The story sounds more abstract than literal as it's about an artist named Lona who's trying to deal with her messy, conflicting emotions through the act of painting.

"The more she paints the more her drawings transform real life troubles into abstract art forms and as she is more and more consumed by her paintings she loses touch with real world, and finally gets trapped in her art," developer SpaceFox explained on its Kickstarter page. As such, Lona's goal isn't merely to escape her life through her art, but to strike a balance between her fanciful daydreaming and despairing tendencies.

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The game will be comprised of 15 chapters with each stage portraying a scene from Lona's life where you can toggle between two different perspectives of the scenario. Lona's feline familiar Ms. Schmidt views everything in bright colours representing her chaotic outlook, while Lona's more cynical companion, a crow named Mr. Ruppel, offers a drearier viewpoint. Players will have to switch between these perspectives to influence the scenery and restore balance to Lona's troubled mind.

"Our heroine is a very talented artist who is struggling to deal with her conflicting emotions by painting them. She sees everything from the extreme dark and chaotic point of view of her two companions and needs to find balance and inner peace in order to move on," the developer explained. "Lona's story is inspired by all the great emotional stories we heard from master [Hayao] Miyazaki, stories that made us more in touch with our emotions and that is what we plan to do with Lona."

So far Lona: Realm of Colors is only set for PC, but if it can hit its stretch goal of $35k by the 14th September deadline a mobile version will be developed as well.

You can reserve a copy of Lona: Realm of Colors, along with beta access, a soundtrack, and a wallpaper, for about £11.84 (technically 125 SEK), with a release planned for around August next year.