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Pac-Man-esque action puzzler escapeVektor due next week on 3DS and Vita

Comes to Europe before North America on PSN for once.

Retro arcade game escapeVektor is slated for release in Europe on 19th December for Vita, and worldwide the following day on the 3DS eShop.

It will cost €9.99 / $9.99 on both platforms. The North American PSN release has yet to be announced.

escapeVektor is a Pac-Man-like arcade game where you guide a captive vektor - represented by an arrow - through a web of nodes avoiding hostile CPU sentries all the while. It's a bit more complicated than our pellet-munching chum's adventures as Vektor can boost, lay traps, lure enemies and set off gizmos.

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escapeVektor was initially planned as a four-part episodic series with its first episode having been released last year on WiiWare, but Australian developer Nnooo decided to lump it all together as one larger game simply titled escapeVektor.

This new, portable version will contain unique features specific to the platform. "We're using the 3D graphics of the Nintendo 3DS to bring the game to life," said creative director Nic Watt. "On the PS Vita we use the gyroscope and the touchscreen to adjust the camera angle and move Vektor around in the overworld maps."

Another new feature to this rendition of escapeVektor is the "wildcard" system where every time you beat a level for the first time or set a personal high score you earn a wildcard that will double your score if deployed. Fail to complete the level and you'll lose the wildcard for good.