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Ouya now accepts Bitcoin transactions

But is still working on PayPal support.

Android-based console Ouya has opened up its payment options to include Bitcoins, a form of digital currency that nobody really understands.

Ouya made the announcement over Twitter, where it exclaimed "We accept Bitcoin. Rejoice!" followed by a picture of the company's checkout screen where there is clearly an option to pay with the virtual currency.

We've since confirmed with Ouya that consumers will be able to use Bitcoins to purchase games over the Ouya marketplace in addition to simply purchasing the console from the manufacturer's website.

"I've confirmed for you that we are currently testing BitPay as a payment method for our hardware and other products from our online store (console, controller, digital game credits, etc)," said an Ouya spokesperson in a statement to Eurogamer. "Based on the interest and demand from our community, we will investigate the work necessary to incorporate it into our software / on-console payment system ongoing."

Willed into being by mythical programming wizard Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoins are actually worth about £630 / $1028 at the moment. As such, people can purchase an Ouya for a less than a tenth of a Bitcoin.

Despite having the option to use this most enigmatic of legal tender, Ouya still doesn't allow the option to use Paypal. "Still working on it," said Ouya CEO Julie Uhman on Twitter. "We want it too... trust me."

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