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Original Ghost Recon devs Kickstart "spiritual successor"

Former Red Storm and Valve staffers crowd-fund old school tactical shooter.

BlackFoot Studios, a small indie outfit set up by members of the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six team at Red Storm Entertainment, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fan-fund an old school tactical FPS called Ground Branch.

It wants $425,000 of your collective disposable income in return for various reward tiers.

The game is "a first-person, realism-oriented online experience that places players in the roles of elite CIA Paramilitary Operators of the Special Activities Division."

Its target market? "Disenfranchised gamers that have been marketed to under the promise of 'authenticity', only to find themselves stuck with so many similar arena shooters."

There'll be no regenerating health and "players will learn to respect the lethality and versatility of firearms as death can come quick".

The map design will be non-linear with randomised objectives and enemy placement.

See the full video pitch below.

If all goes to plan it will launch on PC and Mac in Summer 2013.

BlackFoot also counts former Valve employees among its payroll, and has been consulting with US Special Operations veterans to ensure authenticity.

At the time of writing, it has racked up $41,729 from 655 backers, with 22 days of fund-raising left on the clock.

It's not the first back-to-basics tactical shooter to look to Kickstarter for funding. Former Halo: Reach lead Christian Allen successfully fan-funded his Takedown project earlier this year.

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