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OnLive convinces TV giant VIZIO

Game-streaming out of the box.

If OnLive really won't work, then where did all that investment money come from? More to the point - why has American telly giant VIZIO agreed to add OnLive intrinsically to its new tellies, Blu-ray players, phones and tablets?

Because OnLive offers VIZIO buyers "unparalleled convenience", VIZIO CTO Matthew McRae commented, as owners "switch games much like you change the [TV] channel".

The world will be shown demonstrations of OnLive running on next generation VIZIO products at this week's American Consumer Electronics Show.

Steve Perlman, the boisterous leader of OnLive, is chuffed about the deal.

"Today's OnLive/VIZIO announcement marks a major milestone," he bragged. "For the first time in the history of videogames, consumers will be able to enjoy premium video games directly on a TV, no console or computer needed."

North Americans can, right now, enjoy OnLive either on PC or via a neat little microconsole that nestles on top of a television.

A European launch is planned for this year, with British Telecom (BT) on board as the official UK partner.

OnLive currently offers 50 big-name games to stream-play online. Rental price starts at $3, whereas full games go for around 50 bucks. Alternatively, you can play as much as you like for a monthly subscription of $10.

But does it work? Digital Foundry investigated OnLive's "startling" potential for Eurogamer last year.

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