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Oni 2 was once in development, here's what it looked like

From the studio that would become Rockstar San Diego.

Bungie's known for Halo and, more recently, Destiny. But back in the day it was also known for another action game, called Oni. Well, it turns out work was done on Oni 2 - before it was cancelled.

YouTube channel PtoPOnline, which has revealed footage of multiple unreleased games over the last couple of years, has made a video showcasing a 2002 build of Oni 2, which was in development at Angel Studios.

Cover image for YouTube videoOni 2 : Angel Studios Lost Sequel to Bungie's Cult Classic

The build is little more than a tech demo, but we see there were ambitious plans for the combat. The idea was Oni 2 would feature seamless transitions from hand-to-hand to shooting, and you'd even be able to control individual limbs, attacking and shooting on a per limb basis.

But by early 2002 the project had run into trouble, with publisher Take-Two increasingly impatient for progress. According to PtoPOnline, developers who worked on Oni 2 said the game lacked direction and was too ambitious.

Oni 2 was cancelled amid Angel Studios' transition into Rockstar San Diego, with many staff going on to work on Red Dead Revolver. Rockstar San Diego would later go on to make Red Dead Redemption.

Will we ever see another Oni game? With Bungie wrapped up in Destiny for the foreseeable, it seems unlikely.