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One year on, Chrono Cross' wonky remaster is getting performance fixes

Update arriving later this month.

Square Enix has pledged to finally address issues affecting its wonky Chrono Cross remaster, known as The Radical Dreamers Edition, in a new patch arriving this month - almost a year after its initial release on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition launched last April, offering players a gentle remaster of Square's dimension-hopping 1999 PlayStation JRPG Chrono Cross, in which a teenage boy named Serge finds himself in an alternate reality where he died as a child.

While the game itself has been celebrated over the years - Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirwell called it an "engrossing epic, mixing sadness, whimsy and a touch of cosmic dread" when he reviewed The Radical Dreamers Edition last year - the remaster left a lot to be desired, with Digital Foundry coming away unimpressed by its performance on all platforms.

Digital Foundry - Chrono Cross Remaster: PS5/Switch TestedWatch on YouTube

One year on, Square has finally pledged to address the remaster's issues, confirming it'll be releasing a new update later this month that brings "a wide range of changes", including "framerate improvements, changes to the growth system for Pip, and fixes for other bugs".

"We hope that you download the update, and that you continue to enjoy playing the game into the future," Square's update announcement concluded. "Thank you for continuing to support Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition".

It's welcome news, for sure, even if the update is well overdue. Still, a year is nothing compared to the four years it took Square to fix its troublesome PC port of Nier: Automata on Steam.

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