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One Life Left release video game inspired album

Synthpop! Neon rock! Indie folk pop dance!

UK radio wizards One Life Left have released an album.

One Life Left Presents - Music to Play Games By Too includes tracks by The Blue Hearts, Gyratory System and Last Miles of Galaxy, among others.

"This is not a chiptune compilation," project leader Derek Williams said. "The CD covers many different genres showing how the influence of video games can be felt everywhere.

"That's not to say there isn't some chiptune in there as well. The 13 tracks brilliant tunes include synthpop from Vile Electrodes, neon rock from The Bluehearts, indie folk pop dance from Bearcraft and a special remix from former Bis member Manda Rin."

The album costs £6.99 and is out now on Amazon.

Head over to YouTube for a sneaky preview.