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Omega Sektor opens soon

Brum's huge gaming centre.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Birmingham's huge gaming centre Omega Sektor will officially open its doors on 10th August.

It ranks among the largest of its kind in the world, boasting over 440 PCs all with the latest mother-chips and all mingling in local-area harmony. There's also a designated console gaming area with fancy tellies to play those on, and plenty of Internet to go around.

And if that sounds a little like hard work, then you can always sit back in the café and enjoy a movie or some cheery music spouting from nearby MP3 players.

We expect it will be rather popular as the summer holidays begin, and hope it isn't riddled with sticky floors and bogeys before we get a chance to go. Maybe we could sneak out with one of those PCs.

Omega Sektor is located in the middle of Birmingham on Corporation Street.

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