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Ogre Battle heads Nintendo shop updates

Plus Game & Watch, more WiiWare.

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It's a bumper week for Nintendo's digital shoppers thanks to two WiiWare, two Virtual Console and a whopping five DSiWare releases.

The Hanabi Festival is still raging on the Wii, which means that European consumers are invited to tuck into the tricksy, magisterial tactical RPG that is Ogre Battle 64 for the first time ever, providing they have 1200 Wii Points (£8.40 / €12) knocking about.

Alternatively, NeoGeo fans can finally get their European mitts on the previously Japanese-only Fatal Fury Special for 900 WP (£6.30 / €9). Fighting.

In WiiWare land, there's a choice between Diner Dash (1000 WP / £7 / €10), in which players manage a busy restaurant in much the same way they already can on every other format ever made, and Art of Balance (800 WP / £5.60 / €8), a physics puzzle game in which you balance bricks over the course of 100 levels.

DSi owners, finally, can go for newcomers Gangster 2: Kings of LA (500 DSi Points / £4.50 / €5) and Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures (800 DP / £7.20 / €8), the latter of which we've played on iPhone and rather enjoyed - or they have three Game & Watch titles to choose between.

Those three cost 200 DP apiece (£1.80 / €2) - by the way, we may need to reconsider "DP" as an abbreviation for "DSi Points" - and are Chef (flip food with a frying pan), Judge (a game of risk and reward and slapping) and Mario's Cement Factory (in which Mario keeps a factory running by jumping around and dropping cement).

Expect to see or hear from the best or most interesting of those in one of our future Download Games Roundups, the latest of which is published today and covers Soul, Patchwork Heroes, Rocket Racing and The Hero.

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