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Official PS4 DualShock controller attachment adds two programmable back buttons

And it's out early next year.

Sony has unveiled its official Back Button Attachment, enabling players to add two new buttons to the underside of a PS4 DualShock controller, and it's out early next year.

The Back Button Attachment, which Sony says is designed to "[elevate] gameplay by delivering more versatility and performance", clips to the EXT and headset ports of a standard wireless DualShock 4 controller, and consists of two bar-like button and an OLED screen interface.

The latter is used to assign one of 16 possible actions to each button - including standard DualShock inputs like triangle, circle, R1, and R2 - and offers visual feedback during play. Buttons can be remapped "on the fly", and it's possible to save up to three different profiles.

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"Its sleek design", says Sony, "allows you to utilise more of your hand to shorten your response time and gives you more flexibility in competitive gameplay."

The attachment also features a headset pass-through that can be used to connect any 3.5mm wired headset to the controller.

Sony's Back Button Attachment will launch in North America on 23rd January and costs $29.99 USD. It due to arrive in Europe a little later, on 14th February.

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