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Offbeat multi-biographical indie Welcome to Elk launches this month

Deer diary.

After two years of development, intriguing indie Welcome to Elk has a release date.

If you've not heard of it before, Welcome to Elk is an offbeat narrative game with WarioWare-style microgames. Each tells the story of someone - a resident of the game's small island where every person has a story.

Oh, and all of these little stories are based on real-life experiences.

Bertie and Christian Donlan played Welcome to Elk last year and raved about it, while also being a bit confused. "This strange game about an island filled with stories is so hard to describe we've decided to have two goes at it," they wrote, before concluding the experience was "funny, sweet, surprising and devastating".

One to keep an eye on, then. Welcome to Elk launches for PC via Steam and on Xbox One on 17th September.

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