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Oculus Rift price cut

Head screwed on.

Oculus has announced a price cut for its Rift and Touch controller bundle, as well as the Touch controller itself.


In the US, Rift plus Touch is now $598, down from $798. A Touch controller on its own is $99, and the price of an additional Oculus Sensor is now $59.

Oculus' wesbite says the Rift plus Touch costs £598, including shipping, but in a note to press the company said the bundle had dropped from £549 to £499. A Touch on its own now costs £99. A Sensor costs £59.

The price cut has yet to be reflected on Amazon, where a Rift and a Touch cost £688 combined, and a Touch controller costs £189.

We don't have official sales figures for the Rift, but back in January 2017, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney told Glixel that out of the approximately half a million PC VR headsets sold to date, rival VR headset HTC Vive had outsold Oculus two-to-one. That pegged Rift as having sold just a couple hundred thousand units at best. So, it's clear this price cut is an attempt to bolster sales.

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Coinciding with the announcement is the release of Robo Recall, the new VR shooter from Epic Games. It's free with the Touch.

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