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Oblique first-person puzzler Kairo dated in October

Demo available now.

Mysterious first-person puzzle game Kairo now has an official release date on 21st October on PC and Mac, developer Richard Perrin has announced.

Kairo was part of last year's Indie Games Arcade selection at Eurogamer Expo. The game tasks you with exploring peculiar environments full of surreal architecture in an effort to bring some derelict machinery to life and figure out what's going on.

The little I played of it at PAX 2011 was a lot of fun and its isolated setting, spacial puzzles and feeling of discovery gave it a certain AntiChamber or Fez-type feel.

If that sort of problem solving is your jam, feel free to download the demo from Kairo's official site or see it in action in the trailer below.

Additionally, pre-ordering Kairo for $8 grants immediate access to the beta build. The game is up on Steam Greelight too, if you'd like to support making it available on Valve's service.

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