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O2 to offer Xperia Play from June

Hardware bugs finally ironed out.

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O2 users can pick up Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play smartphone from June, the network provider has announced.

The device launched on most other UK networks in April, but O2 held back to address undefined issues it had with the hardware.

According to the O2 blog, it seems those kinks have now been ironed out.

"All the bugs we identified in our testing have now either been fixed or are being worked on and we're confident that they will be fixed shortly," wrote testing team chief Stuart Hibberd.

"We'll be working closely with Sony Ericsson throughout May and if everything goes to plan we'll be happy to approve the Play and put it on sale, both the black version and our exclusive white version."

Full pricing details are due to be announced shortly.

For more on Sony's PlayStation-friendly smartphone, take a look at Eurogamer's in-depth hardware review.

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