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Nyko add-on doubles 3DS battery life

Power Pack+ unveiled, is chunky.

Hardware peripheral specialists Nyko has unveiled the Power Pack+, its solution to the 3DS's modest, much maligned battery life.

The add-on promises to double the handheld's reported three hour capacity. You'll need to clip your 3DS onto the unwieldy cell to take advantage of the added power, although Nyko has included "debossed finger rests for improved control and comfort."

"Every new console or game system launch is an opportunity for us to find ways to improve the user's experience with the device through innovative technology," said Nyko markting man Chris Arbogast.

"We are proud to be able to bring our robust knowledge of charging technology to the 3DS user base by providing users the ability to substantially increase their play time."

The Power Pack+ launches in the US on 27th March for $19.99 - the same day as the console itself. Nyko hasn't confirmed UK details yet.