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"Noisy" PS3 ads get Channel 5 in trouble

Turn it down!

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Ofcom has told Channel 5 off for airing what it deemed "excessively noisy" PlayStation 3 ads around Five Movies.

Ofcom received 17 complaints about the PS3 sponsorship between 3rd February and 15 March, claiming the ads were louder than the programming.

PS3 ads appear alongside primetime movies on Channel 5, 5* and Five USA.

According to Ofcom's broadcasting code, "Advertisements must not be excessively noisy or strident. The maximum subjective loudness of advertisements must be consistent and in line with the maximum loudness of programmes and junction material.

"Broadcasters must endeavour to minimise the annoyance that perceived imbalances could cause, with the aim that the audience need not adjust the volume of their television sets during programme breaks."

After an investigation Ofcom found the PS3 ads to be "excessively noisy" and in breach of its guidelines.

Channel 5 blamed it all on human error at a third-party company, and promised to upgrade its transmission facilities to stop it from happening again.

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