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Noir adventure Blues and Bullets is coming to PS4 tomorrow

Hard-boiled wonderland.

Moody noir adventure game Blues and Bullets will bring its first episode to PS4 on 20th April.

It previously launched on PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One last summer. The second episode just recently came to Steam last month.

Set in the fictitious city Santa Esperanza in the 1920s, Blues and Bullets casts players as infamous detective and Untouchables leader Eliot Ness who's investigating a series of child disappearances. The game imagines an alternate reality that merges fictional locales and events with real world historical figures. It also looks a bit like Sin City with its entire visual palette being comprised of black, white and red.

Developer A Crowd of Monsters is developing Blues and Bullets as a five-part mini-series.

Here's how it looks in action:

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