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No Nintendo conference at GC

Doing "media tours" instead.

Nintendo has confirmed to Eurogamer that it won't be doing a traditional press conference at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig.

Instead it will be leading groups of us on "media tours" around the show, so that we can get a better and more intimate understanding of Nintendo's strategy and products.

"There is no press conference at Leipzig this year," a spokesperson for Nintendo UK told Eurogamer. "What's going to happen instead is there will be media tours - groups of people that Nintendo Germany will take around the stands explaining the games to, and giving more detailed hands-ons to."

"The real reason why we're doing it is because you only fully understand a lot of our products when you play them. We felt focus and attention was better spent on more intimate briefings rather than just one big press conference."

It was speaking in light of news unearthed by partner site, which was told the traditional format was being downsized due to overcrowded press conferences where many were missing out on seeing the games.

Microsoft will also be offering a unique take on the traditional conference, with what it is calling a "get together". Only Sony will be delivering the sort of talk we're used to, suggesting it has some big things to talk about. It would be a perfect time to deploy the much awaited PlayStation Home, for example.

The Leipzig Games Convention takes place between 22nd and 28th August. Head over to our Games Convention section for details on how to attend and for all our event coverage.