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No more "crappy" games, promises EA

Saying goodbye to licensed rubbish.

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Silver-haired fox John Riccitiello believes EA has "the best title plan of any company in the industry".

This, he feels, happened as a result of letting the core creative teams run free and dream up new IP, rather than churn out licensed sequels.

"Frankly I think that a lot of the intellectual property we create are better than the licenses. That doesn't mean there isn't room for great licenses. There's room for both," Riccitiello told MTV Multiplayer.

"I think what you're noticing is that in years gone by we haven't had as many great, original intellectual properties. There's a lot more of that this year from EA and I think from here forward.

"I think what redeems our industry is quality, and I think we take a step back every time we take a license and exploit it with a crappy game. That's not what we're about," he said.

Riccitiello recently said EA quality has been rising "sharply" since developer administrative burdens were shifted so they can focus on creating games.

He also said EA was wrong to assume Xbox 360 and PS3 will lead the current generation, and promised as many as 40 games are in development for Wii and DS.

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