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No free VC games on 25th

Santa's been fibbing.

Uh oh. Our old friend Internet Rumours has been at it again, this time peddling the tempting fiction that Nintendo will be offering Super Mario Bros., Toe Jam & Earl and R-Types as free Virtual Console downloads on Christmas day.

Not so, says Nintendo UK, and that appears to be that.

What you can expect, of course, is some more for-money Virtual Console releases, with another selection due to go live on the Wii Shop tomorrow. Last week saw a host of additions, and if you're the sort of person who fancies a bit of retro-gaming with their mince pies, you might want to consult the list for further options.

Virtual Console's European launch titles included Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country and lots of old NES games, including the original Zelda. You can buy a Classic Controller to play with them, but it's also possible to use a GameCube pad, if you have one.