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No Euro price cut plans - Sony

Japanese boss wades in.

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Sony Corp. president Ryoji Chubachi says that the company has no plans to cut PlayStation 3 prices in Europe or Asia "at this point".

Speaking to Bloomberg, Chubachi added: "About the future, no comment."

Of course, last time we heard from Chubachi he was saying much the same, telling Bloomberg of "no immediate plans" on 6th July only for Sony US to announce a controversial USD 100 drop in the 60GB PS3 price on 9th July.

In Europe, PS3 still retails for GBP 425 although Sony recently moved to add value to that price point, introducing a choice of three out of five first-party titles and an additional Sixaxis controller.

Asked at E3 what he expected the bundle reaction to be, Sony Europe boss David Reeves said: "We think that we've offered a lot of value to keep the momentum going until the big titles come out. Then we'll look at doing something else, but for the moment I think it's the right move for us."

So, expect a price cut by about 10.30 then.

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