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Nintendo's Switch Online + Expansion Pack trailer is now its most downvoted video ever

The video currently sports 104K dislikes to just 17K likes.

Nintendo's Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack overview trailer is now the most disliked video on Nintendo's YouTube channel ever.

As spotted by our pals at VGC, with 104K downvotes (it was 103K when I started writing this) to just 17K likes, the Expansion Pack trailer took just a fortnight to eclipse that Metroid Prime: Federation Force trailer from E3 2015, which sports just 11K likes to an eyewatering 96K dislikes.

Cover image for YouTube video

As Matt reported a couple of weeks back, Nintendo finally announced launch and pricing details for its Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, which went live on 26th October. A 12-month subscription will cost £35/$50 USD for an individual membership and £60/$80 USD for the family option, supporting up to eight accounts.

That's double the amount of the current price, and it looks like unhappy Nintendo fans are making their views known via the YouTube channel.

This premium tier version of Nintendo's current online service will provide access to all features included in the basic tier (multiplayer, NES and SNES games, plus cloud saves), alongside exclusive access to a slowly expanding collection of Mega Drive and N64 games - which will support suspend points and, for certain titles, online multiplayer. It'll also include Animal Crossing: New Horizon's freshly announced Happy Home Paradise expansion at no extra cost.

ICYMI, Nintendo has shuttered offices in California, USA, and Toronto, Canada.

"Nintendo of America headquarters are in Redmond, WA, and Vancouver, BC," Nintendo said in a statement to press. "We are moving more of our employees and operations into those headquarters and will be closing small satellite offices in Toronto, ON, and Redwood City, CA, over time."