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Nintendo's new 3DS Pullblox game is free to download

UPDATE: Surprise! Fullblox available today in UK.

UPDATE 14/5/15 14.05pm Surprise! Nintendo has announced that the new free-to-try Pullblox game - now with a new English title of Fullblox - is available to download today from the 3DS eShop.

Free to try, you can then download 100 full levels with the Mallo's Playtime Plaza pack, priced at £4.49.

The three additional packs of 50 levels, each with their own playable protagonist, then cost £2.69 - there's the Poppy's Sculpture Square pack, Corin's Fortress of Fun pack and Papa Blox's NES Expo.

Alternatively you can save yourself some money by purchasing all the packs together for £8.99.

ORIGINAL STORY 13/5/15 10.00am Nintendo has revealed Pushmo: Hippa Land, the latest title in its platform puzzle Pullblox series.

Until now, you've only been able to play as little hero Mallo.

Now available in Japan, this fourth entry in the franchise allows users to download and try the game for free.

You can then choose to pay 500 yen (about £2.65) to unlock 100 levels, and 300 yen each for further dollops of 50, each of which feature a new playable character.

Alternatively, you can get everything together in a bundle for the discounted price of 1000 yen (£5.30).

Pullblox (known outside Europe as Pushmo) originally launched on 3DS as one of Nintendo's early eShop experiments back in 2011.

3DS sequel Fallblox followed a year later, before Pullblox World launched on Wii U last summer.

There's no word yet on when this latest entry will reach Europe, but we've dropped a line to Nintendo UK to find out.

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