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Nintendo has a stellar new Galaxy 3DS design

My god, it's full of stars.

Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced and released a striking new 3DS design, named Galaxy.

The New 3DS XL flavour has so far only been confirmed for North America, where it launches today for the usual price of $199.99. We're checking with Nintendo here in the UK now for word of a local release.

Galaxy, of course, evokes memories of Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel for Wii - two of the best 3D platformers ever created. And while we'd love a third, we're not sure why Nintendo has released this fresh design now...

Perhaps its sci-fi design is supposed to tie in with Federation Force, the new 3DS chapter of Metroid, although there's no Metroid branding on the handheld, either.

Regardless, it's a snazzy new look - and if you're upgrading to a New 3DS ahead of this winter's Pokémon Sun and Moon, one to keep in mind.