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Nintendo's free-to-play Pokémon Shuffle now a little fairer

Have a heart.

3DS puzzler Pokémon Shuffle has been updated to offer players a greater chance at capturing its many critters.

The handheld game's latest update, version 1.2, now separates the number of hearts (attempts at a level) you automatically generate over time from those that you have purchased.

Previously, paying for extra hearts meant that you stopped earning further freebies after the limit of five (thanks, Serebii.

Shuffle's seemingly random capture mechanic has also been improved. You can now beenfit from a rare Super Catch Mode which offers a hugely increased chance of nabbing a monster in a Pokéball.

Level and experience for each Pokémon you have captured is now better displayed. You can also now boost the effect of Mega Evolutions.

All in all, these changes mean that Shuffle's rather frustrating microtransactions are at least a little fairer for those who do choose to pay.

Version 1.2 is available to download now - we just checked.

Cover image for YouTube videoCan Nintendo get free-to-play right? Pokémon Shuffle certainly doesn't.