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Nintendo's cowboy armadillo Dillon is back in a new game

The Dead Heat Breakers announced for 3DS in Japan.

For the three people who, like me, played 3DS eShop exclusive Dillon's Rolling Western, last night's Nintendo Direct in Japan held a welcome surprise.

The Dead Heat Breakers is a new action tower defense title for 3DS, due to launch in Japan next year. In it, Nintendo's cowboy armadillo hero Dillon makes a surprise return as its star.

Your Mii will co-star alongside Dillon - or rather your Mii turned into a... furry version of you. (What is it with Nintendo and furries lately?)

Cover image for YouTube video

Dillon's debut game, the eShop-exclusive Dillon's Rolling Western, launched for 3DS back in 2012 as one of the system's first downloadable-only releases. It didn't set the world on fire but was followed by a sequel, Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, in 2013.

Since then Dillon has been taking a break - although he popped up a couple of years ago in Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U as an assist trophy.

As yet there's no word on a localised release for Dead Heat Breakers.