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Nintendo's about to release an all-new Game & Watch

Mario's 35th anniversary kicks off with a new Nintendo handheld.

Nintendo's about to release an all-new handheld - sort of - as it returns to the line of hardware that helped make its name, with Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros coming out on November 13th.

The hardware is modelled after the same Gunpei Yokoi-designed device that played host to games such as Balloon Fight and Donkey Kong, and with the latter game introduced the 'd-pad' controller to the world.

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Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros features a LED screen in place of the LCD original, and plays host to the original Super Mario Bros game from 1985 as well as The Lost Levels sequel. There are other features such as 35 easter eggs, a version of Game & Watch game Ball and a functioning alarm clock.

It's available to pre-order now from Amazon, ShopTo and the Nintendo Official UK Store.

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