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Nintendo's 3DS Louvre guide released on eShop

No, you can't jump into the paintings.

Museum fans can now take a tour of the Louvre without a trip on the Eurostar - Nintendo has released its 3DS Louvre guide for general sale via the eShop.

The app - designed in part by Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto - was previously only available within the Parisian museum itself.

Included within the download are 600 images of artwork, 30 hours of audio commentary, 400 museum photos and an interactive map. Most content is also available to view in 3D.

Taking the app with you if you do visit will allow you to use it as a real-time guide. It will also be continually updated with information on new additions and fresh exhibits.

The guide doesn't come cheap, however. Priced at £17.99 the download is more expensive than entry into the actual Louvre, although it's probably more accessible if you don't live in Paris.

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