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Nintendo winning in US

Wii and DS top of class.

The latest NPD sales figures show Nintendo is cleaning up in the US hardware market, is reporting.

The Wii sold 338,000 units throughout May, which was more than both the 155,000 Xbox 360s and 82,000 PS3s put together.

The domination slid with a vengeance into the handheld market, where DS shifted a meaty 423,000 units - just shy of doubling the PSP 221,000 total.

And just like in Japan, that elderly PS2 proved it had more selling power than both Microsoft's and Sony's next-generation machines, pushing out sales of 188,000. The total hardware figures across the US shot up by 79 per cent during the month, netting the hardware monster a filling USD 221 million lunch.

The excellent Pokémon Diamond stole top billing in the games charts with 331,000 copies shifted, followed closely by Mario Party 8 (314,000), Spider-Man 3 for PS2 (249,000) and Pokémon Pearl (238,00). Wii Play (227,000) was at number five.

Xbox 360 dominated the second half of the top ten, with Forza Motorsport 2 (217,000) at number six and platform-specific versions of Guitar Hero II (184,000) and Spider-Man 3 (140,000) at seven and eight.

Rounding out the chart were another 360 game, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (138,000), and the PS2 version of Guitar Hero II (131,000).

Perhaps Nintendo does know a thing or two after all.

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