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Nintendo turning former factory into tourist attraction

Game builder garage.

Nintendo has announced plans to open one of its former production facilities to the public from 2024.

Renovations on the building are now underway to transform the factory into a "Nintendo Gallery" where products from throughout the company's history will be showcased, alongside exhibits and other experiences (thanks, Nintendo Life).

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The site was formerly Nintendo's Uji Oguru Plant, a facility originally built in 1969 to print Hanafuda cards, before it became a customer service centre for product repairs.

It's based in Uji, just south of Kyoto in Japan where Nintendo is headquartered.

The Uji Ogura Plant closed in November 2016 as customer service functions were transferred to a newer site nearby. (If you're in Japan and need your Joy-Con drift fixing, that's probably where your controllers were sent.) Since then, the buildings have remained dormant.

If you're planning a trip to Japan for the coming years, maybe stick this one on your list alongside the newly-opened Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Osaka.