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Nintendo to make loss on every 3DS sold?

Bloomberg reveals price cut ramifications.

Nintendo will now make a loss on every 3DS unit it sells following today's price cut announcement, according to Bloomberg Japan.

The report, translated by Andriasang, doesn't offer any hard figures to illustrate just how big a hit the platform holder will take per console.

A Eurogamer investigation earlier this year pegged the cost of 3DS raw materials at around $101. Considering the new US price is expected to be $169.99, that means marketing, labour, packaging and distribution costs exceed $70 per system.

A new UK price is yet to be confirmed by retailers, but industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls told Eurogamer earlier today that he expects it to sell for around £150.

Whereas Sony and Microsoft have often sold their systems at a loss in the hope of recouping cash from software and peripheral sales, Nintendo has traditionally always made a profit on its hardware.

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