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Nintendo to headline E for All

Wii/DS support for consumer expo.

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Nintendo will be the Entertainment for All Expo's "flagship exhibitor", according to the company running the consumer games event in October, IDG World Expo.

E for All (think about it) was set up "in response to strong demand within the consumer audience" (i.e. because E3 became invite-only, and 100,000 Bill Gates CEO Microsofts suddenly couldn't get accreditation), but up to now the platform holders had kept their counsel about whether they'd get involved.

"The E for All Expo supports Nintendo's mission to reach as many types of consumers as possible to expand the world of videogames to new audiences," says George Harrison, proving that they still haven't worn that one out. Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications went on to say that attendees would be able to try out "the hottest new Nintendo videogames".

E for All will be taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre (never, ever go there) between 18th and 21st October inclusive, and apparently may also include videogame tournaments, a job fair, and the Video Games Live concert. If you fancy going, pop over to the E for All Expo website and sign up to be told when tickets go on sale "and to receive other important show information and offers".

A bit like you're doing at the moment, but with more comments like this, we expect: "E for All has been shaped from the ground up with all gamers in mind, and Nintendo has proven its commitment to embracing the spectrum of gamers, as we've seen with their launch of the Wii." Thanks.

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