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Nintendo tilt gadget revealed

It's a new DS slide sensor.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo Japan has revealed a new slide sensor for the DS, which effectively turns your handheld into an optical mouse.

It clips into the bottom of your system, with the laser and feet pads running underneath, and is finished lovingly with a near vertical protrusion to keep the top screen at a nice angle. The aim is to allow you to push your DS around a surface to explore different parts of a game, we think.

In Japan it costs JPY 5,800 (GBP 24 / EUR 35), and comes bundled with a game called Slide Adventure: Mag Kid - based around a small robot that has to reassemble itself from salvaged enemies, gaining their powers as he does so. There's 12 other mini-games included to make use of the slide sensor, too.

It follows news from earlier in the week, where Nintendo was seen craftily filing a patent for motion-sensing technology on a handheld.

Unfortunately Nintendo has no plans to bring it to Europe at the moment.

Head over to Eurogamer TV to see Slide Adventure in action, or follow our Internet biscuit trail for the first images of the slide sensor.

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