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Nintendo Switch has its first portable-only game you can't play on TV

UPDATE: And it's heading to Europe.

UPDATE: The first Nintendo Switch game confirmed to only use the touchscreen will be making its way to Europe.

Yesterday, Voez was revealed as Switch's first example of a title which you cannot play on your TV.

Now we have word you'll be able to play the Switch game this Friday when the console launches in Europe. It's a last-minute addition to Switch's launch line-up:

We don't have a UK price yet, but €21 translates to roughly £17.90.

Nintendo Switch has its first game you can only play while the console is undocked and held like a portable.

Voez mixes an anime style story with rhythm gameplay.

It's named Voez, a Japanese rhythm-action game that uses the Switch's touchscreen.

There are no button controls, publisher Flyhigh Works (FHW) has warned, so you can only play with the Switch in your hands.

"This software can not play in TV mode," FHW states.

It's the first Switch game we've heard of which doesn't offer the two modes of play - and our first acknowledgement Nintendo does not dictate this as necessary.

So, while Voez remains a niche title, this opens the door to other touchscreen games joining Switch without the need for a button-based mode.

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I'd love a Switch port of Mini Metro, a tube-building railway simulator I play constantly on iPhone. With a capacitive touchscreen finally in a Nintendo handheld, you've got to think mobile giants like King and Supercell might be interested, too.

Or, while we're dreaming, how about touchscreen-based port of Hearthstone?

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