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Nintendo Switch finally has folders

File in.

Nintendo Switch has added the ability to store games in folders, which it calls groups.

The long-requested feature improves on the Switch's rather basic methods for finding games and other content - which otherwise have barely changed since the console's launch.

Nintendo Switch system software update 14.0.0, released today, now lets you create up to 100 groups, which can each contain up to 200 titles.

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This method of organising titles lets you tag games into multiple groups - so you could have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in both a "Mario" group and a "Party games" group.

Sadly, you cannot create groups within groups.

You can access your groups from the All Software screen.
Select specific games to add to a group from your library.
You can also re-arrange their order.

Nintendo Switch update 14.0.0 has also tweaked the console's Bluetooth audio settings, so you can adjust volume either via the Switch or the device itself. The maximum volume for some devices has also been increased.